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A little over two years ago I started Sugar and Sam as a way to share my love of baking and making recipes with people in my circles. My Instagram was private and personal at the time, but on a whim I changed it from samceratops to sugarandsam.yyc and just sugarandsam came later. Over the months that followed, life got busy, I got a puppy, changed groups at work, bought a house and eventually baking was something I just didn’t have as much time for. I began to share posts on Instagram about other people’s food, lifestyle, my dog, fashion and a million things in between. While my Instagram grew and changed, my blog stayed the same and soon I knew it was time for little upgrade.

For my first ‘official’ post after my relaunch, I thought I’d formally introduce myself for the first time. Here’s some more info about the girl behind the sugar (and the sam?):

  • I was born in Calgary but moved just outside of Toronto when I was 5 and lived there for several years. I came back to Calgary as a teenager right in the middle of Jr. High School and have lived here ever since. If I had to move somewhere it would likely be Vancouver, but on the condition that I end up in a nice animal friendly condo in Yaletown.
  • I went to the University of Calgary and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Today I work in procurement in oil and gas…which is pretty much as far from my degree as you can go. I realized about 8 months into my first job out of school that corporate communications wasn’t really my thing and stumbled my way into procurement instead. I still don’t really know what I want to do with my career yet, so if you have any suggestions I’m open to them.

  • My boyfriend, Tony, and I have been together for almost 6 years. When we met, I was with a bunch of friends and we stopped at his house before heading out for the night. He was upstairs at the time and my friends let themselves into his house and I followed. I was standing in his kitchen when Tony came downstairs and introduced himself. The running joke is that he didn’t even have to leave his house to meet me.
  • We live in the ‘burbs with a cat and a dog. The cat is 5 years old now and Tony rescued him from the Humane Society 3 years ago. He is the chattiest cat in the entire world and announces his every action with a meow, an “ack” or a very audible yawn. Our pup is named Patty and she is a pug x beagle mix (puggle!) and is just about to turn 2. They are truly a brother and sister duo that go from grooming each other and sharing a bed at night to having intense fights and avoiding each other.


  • Many people ask if Tony is sugar and if this is a couples thing. No, it definitely isn’t. The name sugar and sam came from the days when this was 100% baking and desserts so it was inspired by sugar (my #1 ingredient) and sam (me, obvi).
  • The only time I ever broke a bone was playing recreational dodgeball. I was 23 and I broke my pinky finger. I was holding a ball and somehow the person who threw the ball managed to sandwich my pinky between the ball I was holding and the new ball. My finger instantly bruised and swelled but I kept playing and my team encouraged me to suck it up because we all suspected it was just jammed. After the game I attempted to tape it up (the solution to everything if you played sports in high school), but as it kept growing and bruising more I thought maybe I should get professional help. A full eight weeks later I was finally able to stop wearing a splint and explaining 10 times a day what I did to myself.
  • My first job was working as a hostess at a restaurant in the base of a hotel. I only worked day shifts and after the morning rush the restaurant would get very quiet. One day I wandered off into the attached bar out of boredom and noticed that soccer was on TV. I had never watched soccer before but I had nothing better to do so I watched it for the next two hours (ignoring customers, they can seat themselves thx). Every day I ended up watching soccer and soon I was hooked. I was naturally drawn to Germany due to my lineage and the sheer attractiveness of the players, and now more than 10 years later I’m still a big fan. In case you were wondering, I didn’t get fired but I did quit basically as soon as the World Cup was done.
  • I have an obsession with nail polish and having coloured nails. It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve gone more than 3 days without having nail polish on.
  • And…my favourite punctuation is an ampersand.

& that’s me. I hope you’ll follow along on my adventures! Thanks for all the love and support through the original blog, the just instagram phase and now this. 🙂

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  • Reply Sam March 31, 2017 at 1:20 am

    So excited for your next posts!!

    • Reply sugarandsam March 31, 2017 at 6:23 pm

      Thanks girl!!

  • Reply Mark March 31, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Keep it up! 🙂 Learned some stuff!

    • Reply sugarandsam April 1, 2017 at 6:36 pm

      Thanks!! You’re the best 🙂

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