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Frankie and Finnigan

Sometimes you come across a brand that really resonates with you. The first time I came across Frankie and Finnigan, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw their Noir sweater. I couldn’t help but smile at the irony of the shirt, and my wardrobe which is mostly black tights, black tees, black sweaters and black jeans…all paired together of course.

I really love to read stories about how businesses got started and the “About” page is usually where I start when I learn about a new brand. Frankie and Finnigan was born out of  a love of pups, cheeky sayings and looking chic even when you’re comfy AF. I’m pretty shy when it comes to reaching out to brands about a collaboration, but after reading that Frankie and Finnigan are the owner’s rescue pups, I felt like the brand and I were destined to be BFFs.

I’m convinced that when you look good, you feel good too and when you feel good you are open and and are your truest self. When Andrea from Bad Peace Fashion and I teamed up to do the Frankie and Finnigan shoot, we had never met before but had been following each other for a while on insta. Right away we hit it off and ended up spending most of the shoot giggling, making ridiculous poses and coming up with creative ideas (ie. let’s sit on couches and watch videos of dogs). Our photographer Jesse (@jt.yyc on insta) is hilarious and just added to the fun. With a spunky brand like Frankie and Finnigan that kept us feeling cool and confident, and amazing people to work with, it’s no wonder the photos look like we’re the best time (we were).


So much love for all of this.

Check out Frankie and Finnigan here.
I’m wearing nope not today and Andrea is wearing coffee whiskey and you
And their latest limited edition shirt that I’m obsessed with here.
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