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Drink Well Downtown

I work for a large company in downtown Calgary with offices in three buildings that are separated by intersections. During my busiest moments at work, my lunch consists of grabbing food from whatever place along my route from one building to the next has something pre-prepared, or grabbing a salad which I would awkwardly eat in a meeting (lots of responding to questions with the one finger “wait until I finish chewing” action).

When I walked into Bow Valley Square a few months ago and saw that a Well would be opening up, I was nothing but excited. Finally a place I can stop to get something healthy, quick and not-awkward to consume.


You can find Well all over Canada…literally from Moncton, New Brunswick all the way up to Whitehorse, Yukon and in over 200 locations in between. It isn’t uncommon to see Well downtown already, but you don’t typically see more than one or two flavours which isn’t much considering they have 12 different flavours plus bundled cleanse options.

Nut milk (mylk) is my favourite thing. Since I can’t drink regular milk, satisfying cravings for creamy beverages is tough to do. Well’s Mylk is smooth, creamy, sweet and without any dairy. Plus you can binge on it and not feel too bad at less than 200 calories a bottle. It’s basically a healthy milkshake.

And if you’re not downtown (or in a city with Well) they also deliver all across Canada!

For more information about Well find them here:

Their downtown location is on the +15 level of Bow Valley Square at 205 5 Ave SW

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