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27 Boutique

I found a new favourite store last Friday and it’s called 27 Boutique.

Founded in 2002, 27 Boutique is nestled at the west end of the commercial district of 17th Avenue. They also have a huge online presence  selling shoes, clothes and accessories. While I had visited the online shop many times, Friday was the first time that I had been in the store…which truthfully was probably a good thing since I have zero self control and a sizeable mortgage!

Within my first few steps in the store I knew 27 Boutique and I would be very good friends. The store is newly renovated and has a modern and chic feel, the staff are incredibly friendly not to mention dressed immaculately. The first thing I noticed was a retro looking bomber by Only neatly folded at the front table. Naturally I ended up leaving with it.

Truthfully I love fashion but am not always the best at pairing fashionable outfits together. I love that 27 Boutique has personal shoppers that will help pull from your fashion sense and comfort level to create outfits that flatter your body and still feel like (a trendy version) of you. I’ve worked with personal shoppers in other stores and find that they tend to try and dress me like they would dress themselves and I often leave the store with nothing or with things that sit in my closet unworn for five years. With 27 Boutique, everything that 27 Boutique team member Natalie picked out had me swooning and even now wishing that I had bought more than I did.

My first look was the Dex Criss/Cross back spring knit with One Teaspoon jeans. These are literally the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn and I’m having mega regrets that I didn’t take them home with me (I will be back for them!). When Natalie first showed them to me my first question was “uhh how do I wear these?” and she gave me the good advice that with drop crotch jeans you’re going to feel a little funny at first then fall in love with them. She wan’t kidding!

My favourite person to shoot with is always Andrea from Bad Peace Fashion. This girl has become my rock since we met back in January when we both collaborated on a Coach shoot. Not only is she gorgeous (and a posing master) but she is so kind and sweet too. You  know when you meet someone and it instantly feels like you’ve known each other forever? That’s how it is for me with her.

Could she be any more gorgeous?! For this shoot she was wearing a graphic tank from Only which is definitely the go-to summer tank that you need in your closet.

My second look featured this gorgeous feather bomber by Vero Moda. Items like this jacket are exactly the reason why I love 27 so much. It’s fun and unique yet still fashion forward and stylish. Nothing in the store is loud or obnoxious but there are still lots of fun patterns and unique pieces. I find that stores tend to try and be unique but end up being too much, but 27 Boutique perfectly strikes the balance between being unique and trend setting while still being wearable. The store is curated by the owner Kelly with assistance from Natalie…who btw is the Instagram guru behind their envy-worthy account @27boutique.

I haven’t stopped thinking about this store since last week and can’t wait to go back and visit!

You can find them at: 1510 17th Avenue SW or online at

The shoot was with my bae Andrea who you can find on insta @bad.pce or online at Bad Peace Fashion

Our photographer for the shoot was Cam (@camm.eng)

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