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A Spice Affair

When we think of ginger cookies we usually think about Christmas and cute little gingerbread (wo)men standing next to candy-coated houses. But on one sunny August day, I decided to make thick, chewy, spicy ginger cookies and share them with friends. After that day, I had people who had never used an oven (literally) asking me for the recipe. The next time I made them for a different group of friends the same thing happened – I then realized that these cookies were good, better than the regular and at first I had no idea why. What made these cookies better than a buttery chocolate chip cookie or classic oatmeal raisin? It had to be the richness in flavor that came from quality spices.

 After that I gained a new respect for taste and understanding of people’s appreciation for food having a deep flavor and not just a sweet flavor. Adding spices to my baking and cooking, when appropriate, elevated the meal and took it from bland and so-so to “omg, this is so good”. I’ve been experimenting ever since with spicing up my baking and I’ve been loving the results!

When I first starting talking with A Spice Affair I knew we were a perfect match. The people behind A Spice Affair are truly passionate about spices (seriously – check out their About page) and offer high quality spices that can be delivered right to your door. The prices are very reasonable and I love that A Spice Affair is a Canadian company from just outside Montreal!  

They have close to 50 different spice blends that honestly all sound amazing. Potato and Home Fry seasoning? Yes. Tandoori Masala? Definitely. How about Thai Seven Spice? Sold. And I’m definitely going to try their Jerk Chicken blend next. They also offer herbs and peppers…I had no idea there were so many different types of peppers.

I also received some of my favorite ancient grains including chia seeds (heloooo chia seed pudding) and whole flax seed. I love that they have so many unique and hard to find products like Amarath, Farro and Kamut. A Spice Affair’s ancient grains all come from another Canadian company called NutriVilla Foods who is also based near Montreal. NutriVilla is organic and full of natural nutritional value. Much of it is also gluten-free, vegan and raw.


Next time you’re craving chips give these Kiwa Veggie Chips a try. Super low cal, flavourful and are actually made from vegetables (they even look like veggies in case you had any doubts).


Learn more about A Spice Affair online at

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