How to make your lash extensions last

I have short blonde lashes naturally and discovering lash extensions has been a complete game changer. Not only do they make my eyes pop and look larger, but they have simplified and sped up my morning routine (helloooo literal I woke up like this days).

I’ve had lash extensions on and off for over 5 years now from a variety of different places but hands down the best place in YYC to get your lashes done is at Doll Headz. Justine at Doll Headz is super knowledgeable about lashes, listens to your requests and knows how to make them last. She was the first person to tell me that I needed to cleanse my lashes and when I told her that no one had ever told me that before she was floored. Justine sees a lot of clients who have gone to well known salons only to have their lashes covered in glue, stuck together or even just feeling really uncomfortable. Definitely trust reviews and word of mouth when it comes to lashes and don’t just go to a ‘brand name’ place because it’s convenient!

As I was semi-napping while getting a lash fill, I pseudo interviewed Justine on what we can do to make our lashes last and look chic as long as possible.

  1. Don’t pull, rub or play with your lash extensions. Before getting lash extensions I try to get in the habit of not touching my eyes whatsoever. It’s hard when you’re used to rubbing your eyes freely but with lash extensions all you’re doing is breaking the bond and increasing the likelihood of them falling off. Also never, never, never curl your lash extensions (not that you would need to anyway).
  2. Avoid anything oil based around your eyes including cleanser and moisturizer. Oil is the enemy of lash extensions and the less oil you can bring around your lashes the better. If can be hard to find some products in a no-oil formula so if you absolutely must try to make sure there isn’t any direct contact with your lashes.
  3. In addition to oil from cosmetics, our bodies produce natural oil that can build up on our lashes during the day. Every day before bed run a q-tip with a lash cleaning solution or even diluted baby shampoo along your lashes to remove any oil. Justine said that she has seen this increase the lash life of some of her clients by almost a week!
  4. I try to schedule my life around when I get my fills to ensure I can go 24 hours without working out, showering, swimming, etc. Avoiding water for at least 24 hours is key in the curing process. If you can go longer than that’s even better!
  5. Try mink or synthetic mink lashes. When I first got lashes I choose to get plastic ones. Not only were they heavy and uncomfortable, looking back on it now they probably looked crazy too! Mink or synthetic mink are light and feel like real lashes. Lighter lashes put less strain on your real lashes and that can help them last longer. Many salons, like Doll Headz, only offer synthetic mink lashes because anything else just won’t work as well.
  6. Don’t get angry with your lashes! Everyone is a little different and as crazy as it seems, our lashes have a shed cycle that can sometimes result in a loss of lashes even when we’re very diligent and careful. In this case, just give them a little time and they will bounce right back!

If you’re looking for lashes in YYC check out Justine from Doll Headz!

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