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Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the owner and designer at Crown and Pride, Heather, knew that she would one day become one too. Freshly out of school, she already had dreams of opening up her own clothing store but decided to try the ‘usual’ working way first, persevered for many years, only fighting what she really wanted to do. Heather had drive and ambition to be her own boss but needed the final push to do it. At 26 years old, she had a serious chat with herself and decided that now is the time.

With a love of fashion, she always knew that clothing would be entangled in her business but didn’t always know how. Around the same time that she was feeling ready to do her own thing, she was also feeling frustrated with clothing. Heather felt like clothes were either too casual or too dressy, nothing was both casual and sexy. She saw an opportunity to elevate the every day t-shirt and jeans to be something that is still comfy and simple but more chic and confidence-inspiring. When Heather was telling me this I instantly related. My weekend and evening wardrobe is either super casual – jeans, tees and sweaters, or dressy – lacy tanks, and more formal dresses. I always felt like I didn’t have anything to wear that was in the middle for the days when I was doing something casual but still wanted to feel sexy. The the Queen West top is the answer to that problem.

When designing the Queen West top, Heather had one street in Toronto in mind – Queen Street. She has fond memories of wandering the street in the summer and being amazed at all of the different people who exuded confidence and independence. For her, Queen Street was the epitome of creativity and individualism and a great place to open your mind to possibilities. The top is inspired by doing something different, feeling confident and unapologetically yourself.

The first thing I noticed about the Queen West top is how versatile it is. For my body, with big hips and a small waist, I always have to be aware of where clothes cut and what they’re exemplifying. I was admittedly a little nervous to try it on since I’ve had bad experiences with crop tops before (as we all have!), but I instantly realized that this top can be whatever you want it to be. Within minutes I had a pile of pants and skirts on my bed from everything I had tried on with it; low rise jeans, high waisted shorts, pencil skirts, work pants and more. Those with big hips or who carry a little extra love in the middle can pair the top with high waisted bottoms and and still show off the slimmest part of your core while hiding any areas you may feel less confident about. If you prefer to show more belly you can do that too by pairing the top with low rise pants or a cute skirt. Somewhere in the middle? That’s cool too. There’s no wrong way to wear the Queen West top!

Buy the Queen West top here and follow them on Instagram at @crownandprideinc

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