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Sam, the #bossbabe and lip balm guru behind XX Balm, and I go way back. Before XX Balm and Sugar and Sam were even a thought, Sam and I met through her older brother who is friends with my boyfriend. We would see each other casually at events, make small talk and that was about it. Then one day, Sam slid into my DM and asked if I would be interested in trying some of her balms. A few hours later I was at Philosofy and we chatted for hours about her business plan, Instagram and the basics of the Calgary scene. It was my first chance to share the Insta knowledge I had gained through running @sugarandsam and it was amazing to get to help a friend. Since then, Sam has become a good friend and one of my go-to confidents to both praise (and complain) about this strange Instagram/blogging/small business world. I am so thrilled to get to be a part of the launch of XX Balm season 2 and can’t wait to see what’s next for my favourite Drake fan.

From the start, Sam has focused on real ingredients that make sense in a lip balm. You won’t find any funny chemicals or preservatives in XX. I can say this with 100% certainty because Sam literally perfects her XX recipe in her kitchen before sending it to Vancouver to be made on a larger scale. This also means that if you have sensitivities…or say you leave it on your coffee table while you’re making popcorn and your dog eats it…you don’t have to stress like you would with some of the stuff you find in drugstores (still keep it away from your pets please!).

XX has been my solution to bad dry office air. Ever since I switched from my old balm to XX my lips have been exponentially less dry and I typically only apply once or twice a day at the most. No other balm has ever been that good to me.

SZN 2 of XX Balm is certainly the big sister version of SZN 1. While the four new balms still stay true to the fresh and fragrant without being overwhelming vibes that we came to love, the flavours are more complex and mature. Another modification in SZN 2 is in the formula itself to be less stiff and more smooth and soft. If you’re really into the old formula, 403EVER still has the OG XX make up.

My favourite scent of SZN 2 is Mer-Rah-Kee:  lemongrass + bergamot.

Check out the new balms on Instagram and online.

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