Getting that ‘I woke up like this’ glow in Calgary

One of the best parts of being in this Instagram/blogging world is getting to learn about the best places in YYC to go to get that ‘I woke up like this’ glow. Here are my favourite places to get prettied in Calgary:


I found out about Laura Brows 100% through Instagram. I was having a bad brow day and I put a call out on my Instagram story for where the best place to go for brows in Calgary is. Overwhelmingly, people responded with Laura Brows and within a few hours I excitedly booked my first appointment (albeit my appointment was a few weeks away!). At the time, Laura was renting a chair at a hair salon downtown but she has now moved to run a studio of her own in Parkdale. Her studio is clean, chic and even has a studio dog who will greet you at the door then beg for cuddles during your wax. While Laura has been a one women show for years, she now has two talented girls working with her to master the Laura Brows style and help get the wait list down from months to days.

Before discovering Laura, I thought that great brows weren’t an option for me without microblading but after my first appointment I couldn’t stop staring at my brows. They were even, full and the result of my years of plucking in high school suddenly vanished.

Book on Mind Body via Facebook or follow Laura Brows on Instagram here


My girl @sugarandsam has the most interesting and beautiful blue eyes ??

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Who else has short, blonde, thin and difficult lashes? Justine from Doll Headz has taken my underwhelming lashes and transformed them to be long and beautiful. She listens and always delivers on my requests for natural yet noticeable lashes, never does anything that could potentially harm my natural lashes (eg. putting on lashes that are too heavy), and always takes her time to do a perfect job even if that takes up more of her time. More than anything, I look forward to my appointments because of Justine herself. She is so fun and easy to get along with and the entire experience is comfortable and relaxing. Plus, she is very knowledgeable about the right way to do and care for lashes. A few months ago I interviewed her on how to best make your extensions last and she had all the answers: here.

Starting next week, Doll Headz will be moving a few blocks down the road from the current location to Rush Salon. I can’t wait to see her new set up!

Follow Doll Headz on Instagram here and booking info is here.


My go-to unbelievable truth for two truths and a lie has always been that I have more than 150 nail polish colors and that I haven’t gone more than 2 days without polished finger nails in 10+ years. My nail polish obsession started when I was in grade 8 and fell in love with my grandma’s constant perfect french mani. While french mani’s aren’t my thing, having nice nails has always been something I care a lot about. I love nail polish and doing fun things with my nails because it’s a great way to express yourself and add a bit of flare to your aesthetic.

When I don’t have time (or am too lazy) to do my nails myself, I have two favourite places to keep me nails on point:

Sky Nails


I first discovered Sky Nails because I used to walk my dog past their location almost every day when I lived in Glenbrook. The convenience of the location was what first got me going there but, despite moving across the city, I would still go back for the quality and upbeat environment. The salon is staffed by a a husband-wife duo who recently immigrated here and are so excited to embrace all that is Canadian. The salon is owned by the husband’s brother who occasionally makes an appearance and is super nice too.  The husband-wife duo are incredibly sweet, hard working and consistently do an amazing job. I’ve asked for the weirdest things there – like the German flag on my fingers, or candy corn (I had to explain what candy corn was which was really adorbs) – and they consistently delivered with quality and enthusiasm.

Follow Sky Nails on Facebook or Instagram and call to book: 403-686-6863.

Mint Lounge


Now that I’m in the NW, Mint Lounge is my new spot for chic nails. Much like Laura Brows, Mint Lounge came highly recommended by several people on Insta who read my call for NW nail help on my story. The first thing I love about Mint is how clean it is; your nail file, buffer and clippers are kept in a little container with your name on it and is not shared between customers. If you’ve been to several nail places around town then you’ll know there are A LOT of salons with questionable sanitary practices. Mint also has staff who are the masters of nail art and are happy to be creative with your nails if you’re open to it.

Follow Mint Lounge on Instagram or book on their website.

BEST HAIR – Ashley at HedKandi

I like to tell Ashley that she is the unofficial official blogger hair stylist. So many bloggers go to see her and after my first appointment with her it was clear why. Ashley is kind, funny, extremely talented and actually listens to what you want. I have a fear of getting my hair cut and coloured because of too many bad experiences but I would happily put my hair (trust) in Ashley’s hands any day. I also love that she really cares about her clients. A few days after my appointment where we tried to get my hair a challenging grey color she was following up to see how the color was staying and if the products she recommended were working. She was happy to chat with me as I experimented with different products and help me find what would work best for my hair needs. Also you can book right through Ashley on Instagram and she can usually get you in faster than calling HedKandi directly. I’m already so excited to see Ashley again and try something different (have you seen the red/orange hair she did for a client? #OBSESSED).

Find Ashley on Instagram here and HedKandi here.

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