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basd body care is a plant based body care company with a passion for promoting self-love and truly feeling good in your skin. I first discovered basd over Instagram and fell for their quirky and fun feed instantly. Their feed is full of models giggling with faces covered in coffee scrub, bright donuts and pineapple pool floats. All this mixed in with photos of their products that have some of the best (can you say insta worthy?) packaging I’ve seen in a long time.

I also love that basd was started by a BFF duo based out of Ontario. They were inspired to start their company when they identified a gap in the body care industry. There was an opportunity for a brand to take a leadership voice on self love and pull key values from the supportive LGBTQ community like love, acceptance and transparency. Uhh…are you guys hiring?

As for this #powercouples plan for the basd in the future? They have an exciting new scent, surprise product extensions and a focus on brand accessibility. As they  grow their focus is always to stay true to their values, continue to contribute to equality, be thought leaders all while producing a natural product people can trust.

But not only is basd gorgeous on the outside and made with lots of love, their products are vegan, cruelty free and made with only plant-based ingredients. They’re so upfront about their ingedients that they have a Nothing to Hide page on their site that breaks down their main ingredients and explains the benefits. The more chemicals that get put into our drug store products the more I want to run to brands like basd that have ingredients I can actually pronounce with benefits I can understand. Not only is it way better for your skin and body, but you can identify and avoid allergens way easier than trying to figure out of its butylphenyl methylpopional or linalool that’s bugging you (real ingredients I found on the back of a drugstore lotion!).

I gave three of their products a test run for a month and here was my experience:

Crème Brulee Coffee Scrub

I’m just going to get it out there: if you’re not rubbing coffee scrub on your butt and upper thighs (and anywhere else you have cellulite) a few times a week, you need to start. Coffee scrub is full of vitamins, antioxidants and of course the stimulating benefits of coffee is a cellulite-fighting powerhouse. Plus the scrubbing nature of it helps break down some of the fat cells that cause cellulite. In addition to rubbing this stuff on your legs, take advantage of the scrub to give your skin a deep exfoliation to reduce puffiness and get rid of dead skin cells. You know those little red bumps that appear on your upper arms? This scrub got rid of mine after only one week of using it!

I would recommend trying  a test patch before using the scrub on your face. My skin is pretty sensitive and I know from the past that more coarse scrubs don’t agree with my face and are better kept on the rest of my body. That said, I know lots of people who swear by coffee scrubs on their face so def test it and see what works with you!

This is probably my favorite smelling product out of the products that I tried. It smells so good that I busted the boyfriend looking at the package to see if he could use it to make coffee because he wanted to drink it!

Crème Brulee Body Wash

First – I love the size of this product. Body wash is one of those things I seem to go through so fast and I love that this size is something that could actually last me a few months.  At just $15.99 per bottle it is very reasonably priced for what you get.

I’m a loofa user so the first thing I noticed about the wash is that it isn’t very sudsy. I’m always a bit thrown when I try a new body wash and I don’t end up with bubble explosion everywhere but have come to recognize that more bubbles definitely doesn’t mean a better clean.  After my first few times I figured out that two pumps is the magic number for me and while I wasn’t bubbly all over I actually felt clean. I love that when I rinse off there isn’t an oily or greasy texture left on my skin with this body wash. This stuff would be so bomb after a hike or camping trip when you really need a deep clean.


Crème Brulee Body Lotion

This body lotion is my new BFF. I love this product so much that I started a Christmas Gift List in my phone just so I could put it at the top. Also this crème brulee smell would be so perfect in the fall. While the smell isn’t as spot on crème brulee as the body wash, I actually prefer this scent because it smells like how I would imagine an orange crèmesicle being mashed up with a creamy crème brulee – aka heavenly. The orange smell comes from the sweet orange essential oil and not from a synthetic additive.

I received the basd products around the same time my foot ended up in a cast. I was really worried about my skin getting damaged from the cast so I’ve been putting this lotion on my foot under my cast every single day and truthfully the casted foot is 100x softer than the other. In the winter months I can’t wait to use this under boots and keep my feet so soft and safe from infamous Calgary dry winters.

I’ve also been putting the lotion on after showers and love how easily the product spreads and absorbs. I’m notorious for always overestimating how much lotion I need and have to wait what feels like forever for the lotion to soak in. I love that with basd even when I was an over-zealous applier, the lotion still absorbed into my skin super fast. The lotion leaves a bit of a tingly feeling and even works to reduce puffiness and give you a toned appearance. The aloe vera juice helps reduce red marks, scaring and stretch marks. This is definitely a buy-again product for me!


buy basd online at and follow them on insta @basdbodycare

you can find all three products I tried in a bundle here

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