Shop Local Calgary Gift Guide 2017

I think we can all agree that giving is better than receiving but sometimes giving is harder than it seems. I think we can all also agree that supporting local entrepreneurs, #bossbabes, #bossbros, and everything in between is key…but can also be harder than it seems.

Before I got into this Calgary blogging world, I honestly had no idea where to go for local items and found trying to keep up with the local scene intimidating. So this year, I got you. I’m so excited to introduce my first ever Shop Local Calgary Gift Guide!

Disclosure: None of this is sponsored, these are all brands that I love and believe in. Most of them are based in Calgary and surrounding area with a few gems from our BFFs to the west: Vancouver. And to all the brands listed below: thanks for making shopping local the best way to go. 


the Secret Santa Coworker (all under $30)

  • A box of macs from By Ollia and a cute macaron keychain – at least when they stop by your desk the next day and talk at you for 20 min (while missing normal social cues that you’re not interested) they’ll talk about how delicious the macs are.
  • Bark bandana, key chain and mug for the coworker whose cubicle is decorated with 50,000 pictures of their dog (there’s a chance I am this coworker).

your BFF whose Instagram is full of gym selfies

  • A YYC Cycle Pass and they’ll love you forever. Is there any better/more fun way to workout?
  • Some swag from Novel Supply Co. to elevate their #OOTD game.
  • One of First Date’s gift boxes because there’s no way it will hurt their macros since they’re dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, preservative free (disclaimer: I don’t know what macros are so that may be a lie).

I’m not much of a selfie taker but if I was I would always wear Novel Supply Co.

your lil bro

  • Beer soap from Lavami because he will think he is so cool and endlessly make shower brew jokes.
  • A badass toque from Local Laundry (right now if you buy a toque they will give a toque to someone in need!).
  • Some fancy chocolates from the Chocolate Lab to make up for all the times you blamed him for eating your Dad’s ‘secret’ candy stash when it was actually you.

your sister who always steals your stuff

  • Literally anything from 27 Boutique. Just watch their story for inspo!
  • Shampoo and conditioner bars from Unwrapped Life so she will stop stealing yours (“no – you can’t shower at my place”).
  • A handmade bag from Your Bag of Holding [save save save with promo code sugarandsam].

shampoo/conditioner goals

friend who is always on the go

  • Spray tan from Bronze Baxx so they can keep that I-was-just-on-a-beach glow all year.
  • A customized bag with their username from Created with a Smile [use promo code SUGARANDSAM2017 for 10% off]
  • A floral vinyl passport holder from Amarin because they probably really need it [want free shipping? It’s yours with promo code canadafreeshipping]

the #bossbabe friend 

  • Some bath bars from Bare Skin Bar so they can relax for once in their life [save 15% with promo code SUGAR15].
  • A Succulent by Nature terrarium for their desk – yes you can grow a plant in fluorescent office lights [save some $$ (so you can buy one for yourself) with promo code SBNSAM].
  • A night out at the Regal Cat Cafe because cats are scientifically proven to reduce stress PLUS hanging out with cats is awesome.


I dare you to treat yo self, #bossbabe

your fave lady

the monster in law mother in law

  • A brand new and totally unique knitting pattern from Knitatude.
  • A set of four roses from LVSH because they last a full year and she will always be reminded of how wonderful you are even when you are having disagreements via your partner (that never happens, right?).
  • Pep Soaps – they smell amazing and everyone loves bath goodies (did I mention they make your hands SO SOFT).

the mom

  • The Drizzle Honey Christmas blend Honey and bonus points if you bake her fresh scones to go with it.
  • An afternoon at the Fairmont for high tea (I am obsessed with the cucumber sandwiches)!
  • Donate to a charity she will love and prove that you’re a good person despite that time you threw up in the kitchen sink after drinking in a field until 3 am. My faves are the Calgary Humane Society and Inn from the Cold.

the dad

  • Some XX balms for his golf bag because no one likes being 3 holes in and suddenly having chapped lips (oh, and grab some balm balm for his hands too) [save 10% with code SAMXX].
  • A GC to the one and only Kent of Inglewood to tame that salt and pepper beard.
  • A letter board from Words and Co. so he can get maximum millage out of his dad jokes.



Shopping online isn’t your jam? Head to one of these markets instead:


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