Chewy Chocolate Coconut Cookies

What is it about coconut that makes every food that much better? I swear you could put coconut on something gross like, say cilantro, and it would somehow become enjoyable. But when you put coconut on something that’s already delicious, like cookies, then it’s next level. Chewy chocolate cookies are a classic that we all love and the coconut kick just makes it that much better.

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Almond Butter Squares

One of the first local food bloggers that I ever came across when I started in this crazy/wonderful blogging world is Jess from Cooking in my Genes. I was always amazed at her stunning photos, well written blog entries and seemingly endless inspiration. We finally met at a blogger meet up a few months ago and instantly hit it off. Naturally we decided that the next step in our friendship would be a baking date! Jess and I met up early in April armed with inspiration and our cameras. I was so fortunate to get to go to her house and meet her amazing husband (aka our recipe tester) and her pup Doug (aka my new BFF) and see her envy-worthy closet of flatlay and photo props. But above all else the best part of hanging with Jess is Jess herself. She is as sweet and nice as she seems on her blog and laugh-out-loud funny with a zest for creating amazing recipes and producing quality content for her followers. We could all use a Jess in our lives! Before we could get down to baking business, I had to first cuddle her dog (obviously) then we headed to the grocery […]

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