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Shop Local Calgary Gift Guide 2017

I think we can all agree that giving is better than receiving but sometimes giving is harder than it seems. I think we can all also agree that supporting local entrepreneurs, #bossbabes, #bossbros, and everything in between is key…but can also be harder than it seems. Before I got into this Calgary blogging world, I honestly had no idea where to go for local items and found trying to keep up with the local scene intimidating. So this year, I got you. I’m so excited to introduce my first ever Shop Local Calgary Gift Guide! Disclosure: None of this is sponsored, these are all brands that I love and believe in. Most of them are based in Calgary and surrounding area with a few gems from our BFFs to the west: Vancouver. And to all the brands listed below: thanks for making shopping local the best way to go.    the Secret Santa Coworker (all under $30) A box of macs from By Ollia and a cute macaron keychain – at least when they stop by your desk the next day and talk at you for 20 min (while missing normal social cues that you’re not interested) they’ll talk about how delicious the macs are. A Bark bandana, […]

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