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A Spice Affair

When we think of ginger cookies we usually think about Christmas and cute little gingerbread (wo)men standing next to candy-coated houses. But on one sunny August day, I decided to make thick, chewy, spicy ginger cookies and share them with friends. After that day, I had people who had never used an oven (literally) asking me for the recipe. The next time I made them for a different group of friends the same thing happened – I then realized that these cookies were good, better than the regular and at first I had no idea why. What made these cookies better than a buttery chocolate chip cookie or classic oatmeal raisin? It had to be the richness in flavor that came from quality spices.  After that I gained a new respect for taste and understanding of people’s appreciation for food having a deep flavor and not just a sweet flavor. Adding spices to my baking and cooking, when appropriate, elevated the meal and took it from bland and so-so to “omg, this is so good”. I’ve been experimenting ever since with spicing up my baking and I’ve been loving the results! When I first starting talking with A Spice Affair I […]

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