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My First Date with First Date Confections

When I set up a tea date with Tatiana of First Date Confections I was anticipating that I would be writing this blog about the ingredients of her delicious date-filled and dairy-free (aka Sam-friendly) chocolates, or about the process of developing new flavours. In reality, I’m going to talk about Tatiana herself. I met her on a sunny afternoon on a patio in the middle of the suburbs. Tatiana instantly dove into stories about her life and how First Date came to be. She shared with me her journey of getting a Bachelors degree in Circus (I had no idea that was a thing) and how she pushed herself and her body every day to be the best she could be. It wasn’t family pressure, dreams of getting into a fancy post-grad program or another external pressure that drove her to work so hard, it was entirely her own personal drive. In addition to physically training all day in hand standing, she was also completing yoga teacher certification AND doing her nightly academic courses. Four years of this later she graduated and landed her dream job being a performer in Europe. There’s a certain attitude that comes with being young and passionately pursuing […]

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