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Buy that House

Before buying my house earlier this year, I was feeling painfully overwhelmed by the process to a point where I considered renting forever to avoid it. Between the lawyers, the home inspections, offers and contracts, the whole thing seemed to be incredibly scary and figuring out what came next was truly overwhelming. I know I’m not the only one who feels/felt this way and truthfully maybe if we had spent even a day learning about this in High School, instead of a full month on the quadratic equation, then more of us would be inclined to buy homes. I went through two other Realtors (and a brief stint where we tried to DIY real estate) before finding, Realtor extraordinaire, Nathan Chen. Our first Realtor didn’t seem to have our best interest in mind and he even got mad at us for adding the criteria that our new home can’t be beside any former grow-ops (ask me and I’ll tell you the full story). Our second Realtor was nice but didn’t quite understand our stage of life of being in a relationship but not married and not buying a home in the suburbs just to build a family. Nathan was different because he understood right away what […]

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