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Guest Post: Making it all work by Sam from XX balm

I often get asked how I balance a full time blog and a full time job. The truth is, I make work my priority and try to fit in blogging, meetings and photos in my off time. Trying to carve out time can be challenging and requires patience and dedication or nothing will ever get posted. But the best part about blogging is that I’m only accountable to myself. If I don’t want to post for a month, or two months, or a whole year (like I did last year…ooops) then I don’t have to. If work gets crazy busy and I’m exhausted after hours, I can lay on my couch and eat brownies out of the pan while watching Big Brother instead of responding to emails.   Who really amazes me are the people who run small businesses and balance full time jobs. It doesn’t matter how tired they are, it doesn’t matter how busy they are, if there’s a market coming up they have to get to work and if there are customer orders or inquiries, they can’t go unhandled. One person I’m particularly amazed by is Sam from XX Balm. This girl hustles all day, then hustles all […]

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