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Be a Good Human – Local Laundry’s #CommunityCrew Project

It’s easy to forget what it means to be a good human when we have become so disconnected from each other. I can’t tell you the number of times that I catch myself being so oblivious to the world around me and this is especially true on my commutes to and from work on the train. The second I step out of my car at the station, my noise-cancelling headphones are on, my phone is out, and I could literally be standing next to my BFF and I probably wouldn’t notice. Despite having a fairly public life and being very connected via social media, in real life I’m quite the opposite but I’m far from being the only one. If you’re out in public, chances are the overwhelming majority of people around you are on their phones and disconnected with real life. All this to say, how can we be good humans if we only interact with each other over technology? How can we maintain common courtesies if we are too wrapped up in watching puppy videos to notice when someone needs our help? I was asked to be part of Local Laundry’s Travelling Sweater/#communitycrew campaign a month or so […]

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