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Dark Chocolate & Marzipan Rooibos: Tea and Chocolate Pairings

I just googled what the literal definition of sommelier is and it’s a “wine steward”. I’m not sure if there is an official name for a tea steward, but if there is that title belongs to Sam from Tearrific. She’s the #bossbabe behind the YYC Tea Wagon (the wagon itself is for sale BTW!) and the entire Tearrific brand. Not only does she hand blend the teas individually, she also manages the shipping, logistics, marketing and every other job required to keep her small business running. I invited Sam to the blog to share her extensive tea steward knowledge with us and talk about food pairings with tea. She invited Jolene, the chocolate mastermind behind Old Coal, to join her in their tea/chocolate exploration. I’m confident that there was no better place in Calgary to be than with them during their afternoon of chocolate/tea tasting! BFF: Tea and Chocolate Pairings Jolene from Old Coal and I got together recently to do a tea and chocolate tasting. There are not too many things in life I love as much as tea, but chocolate is one of those things. Sam kindly invited me to write about our experiment for her blog, so I’m excited […]

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