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How to start working with brands (for bloggers/instagramers)

One of the most common questions I get from aspiring bloggers and friends alike is: how can I work with brands? I was struck with this question for months when I was first getting started in the blogging world too. It seemed super intimidating to approach a brand and being approached by a brand myself seemed impossible. Once I got my first few collaborations under my blogging belt I started to get the hang of it and understand the ins and outs of it all. Before we get started, there are two things we have to get sorted. First, by no means am I a collaboration expert and of course I can’t guarantee your success. Second, before reading any further you have to promise to follow my collaboration rules to make sure no one gets hurt here: Sugar and Sam Collaboration Rules I will not agree to a collaboration with a brand I don’t like or am not genuinely excited to support I will not agree to a collaboration if I don’t have any intention of posting or following through with the terms of the collaboration both implicit and written I will not accept a collaboration that could negatively impact another part of […]

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